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  • description: urban complex in prague Karln
    year: 2008
    status: study - school project
    place: Prague

    A task was to design a group of buildings on an almost 0,5 acres area by a bridge-head in Karlin. About 5 acres site on a filled river branch that was assigned for a development. My project is an expression of my view of a potential of a place and a modern progression of an area of Vltavas meander. Nearby the bridge is situated a highrise bulilding 108 meters high and further are three lower rising volumes. Statics essence of the highrise bulding is a superstructure construction of slabs suspended by a core and structural faade. The faade frame is modeled in a voronoi web and make an organic character of the building, which can be seen from far away. The basic volume is turning to a view of the Prague Castle with an increasing height. Three lower rising volumes with its dynamic character evoke changefulness of a near water surface. They are elevated so that they can prevent floodings. The main function is a residential housing and the skyscraper also offers offices, a hotel and a viewdeck caf.
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